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Fuck up number 11

This is it my friends, the last chapter. Will Jack fuck up yet again or find love?Read more...Collapse )

Memoirs of a Rodeo Fuck up number 10

Liked to have cried, but I didn't. Sucked it up. Got no one to blame but my own self. No sorrier words ever come out of my mouth than I don't know.

Knew I should of went after Ennis, but I didn't. Instead I picked the note he left me off the night table. No phone number. Was an address. 19443 B-2 Milton, Cee Vee.

Cee Vee? Damn. That address had to be The Osage Stables-- place was home to more Kentucky Derby winners than spots on an appaloosa's ass. Ennis didn't just get him a job, he got him a future. Wondered if he realized what having me in his life might do to his career. 

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Memoirs of a Rodeo Fuck up number 9

My heart thumped harder than the drop and kick of hooves at a roughstock event. Pounded clean through my chest worrying what Ennis was gonna say to me. Both of us were quiet. Was early morning. Never had that talk yesterday. Instead made love all night on the old motel bed. Waking up to him was like sunshine. Back of his head rested tight on my shoulder. Hairs tickled as he moved over searching for the pack of smokes we'd thrown aside last night. He found the pack under the sheet and handed it to me. 

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Fuck up number 7

Spent the next two days in that motel-- never lived so much in two days. Nothing mattered, only him, only Ennis. Everything else didn't seem important-- family, friends, job. I wanted to quit the world and make our own, and since I couldn't, this old motel room was it for us. Thought of having that kind of life, you know, that kind of life like in them fairy tales my mamma read to me-- where everything is happy ever after, the sweet life, living life to the fullest. Way I felt in his arms was that kind of happy-- so happy his name only thing on my lips when I wake up, excepting maybe his cock.

Rodeo Fuck-up # 6

Fuck-up Number Six as told to 




Fuck-up # 5

Fuck-up Number Five as told to el_wing

Big sky eyes that speak the soul of a soft earthy heart-- mamma said that about me since I could recall. What she saw as strength, pa saw as weakness. I reckon I believed pa for most my life up until Bobby was born. Then I seen it right. Nothing wrong with a soft heart letting people know your soul. First time I held Bobby, I knew pa was wrong. Saw my heart's love pouring out of my eyes and falling onto my son's face. Nothing in my life as beautiful as that sight.

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Fuck-up # 4

What was wrong with me?

Fuck-up Number Four as told to el_wing

Beta by the wonderful judy_blue_cat

The first of the best nights of my life is what it was. I didn't see it as that at the time. I woke up feeling like a plunger was sucking the brains out my ears, and a propane torch was igniting up my ass. I was also in a bitch of a mood because my "friend" from the night before had left-- slunk off into the Riverton sunset, corner bar, or trailer park, wherever men like him go after getting laid. 

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Fuck-up # 3

Fuck-up Number Three as told to el_wing

Have to say, I was fearing for my life on that ride to the Motel Siesta.

I think it was that sharp, fast turn off Pure Gas Road to Federal that done it; I puked out the window, no warning. Del Mar didn't even slow down. I said to him, "Sorry friend, think I got some on the side of yer truck." I wiped my mouth off with the back of my hand. Del Mar just mumbled something back. Never knew what.

After the fire was out of my belly, I realized the kind of danger I was in. And it wasn't just from Ennis Del Mar's driving. 

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Fuck-up # 2

Fuck-up Number Two as told to icewolf88

Now, on to the second time my life was changed. It was around June of 1977. I'd had enough of L.D. Newsome to last more than five lifetimes, so I decided that I needed a vacation. Hell, I was entitled to one. Just as I was going to take it,  I learned that my daddy had a heart attack. I may have hated the bastard, but he was still my daddy so, after telling Lureen where I was going, I headed out for Wyoming and the family ranch in Lightning Flat. Wasn't the kind of vacation I wanted, but it was time away from L.D. none the less.

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