Memoirs of a Rodeo Fuck-Up

by Jack Twist

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Jack Twist here. This is my life, or my story. It's about a rodeo fuck-up (me) who learns that being a fuck-up has distinct advantages. My story is a rambling one, so take your time and read it.

I'd like to take this space to thank these two mighty-fine fellas who were kind enough to ghost write these memoirs for me.

First off, there's icewolf88, who started my story, then he handed the chore off to el_wing. Also like to thank the lady who beta's this here diary, judy_blue_cat. She's a right smart lady.Thank ya kindly, ma'am.

If you got any questions, shoot them to el_wing. She answers for me most days.

Boy, howdy. Looky here. I've been featured on David Cullen on the Daily pages. Click HERE and scroll down to read it.

Most of all,I got to give a big nod to kind lady I owe my life to, Annie Proulx. Thank you, Annie.